Tired of starting small scale online ventures
that never go anywhere?

Let’s Build a Proper Business Together

Getting a business off the ground requires resources. Without the right capital & the right people behind you, forming a large, highly profitable company is next to impossible.

Here at DaCoop, we are forming a community for digital marketers, affiliate marketers, dropshippers & digital product creators that want to form a partnership and grow their ventures together.

How It Works

Step 1

We link you up with 9 other online entrepreneurs

...who will each own 10% of a ‘Venture Builder Start-Up Studio’ joint venture.

Step 2

We'll have group chats

...and brainstorm ideas. Then we'll vote on which 3 ideas to explore further.

Step 3

We'll hire an independent

...3rd party research company to explore the viability of the top 3 ideas.

Step 4

Once we've got the research reports

...we'll have a 2nd vote and decide on which of the 3 ideas we'll want to move forward with.

Step 5

After selecting the idea

...we want to move forward with. We'll hire an independent, qualified project manager to be responsible for developing a MVP for us.

Step 6

Once the MVP is ready

...the project manager will hire a qualified marketing agency to run ads for us in order to prove there's a demand for the product/service we've developed.

Step 7

We evaluate the results

...and either come up with 3 new ideas & go through steps 2-7 again until we get positive feedback from the market, then proceed to build out a proper business.

Step 8

We'll incorporate and register

...our company and each of the 10 members pay their contribution towards the establishment of the company. Approx. $1000 per member, so the new startup has $10k in startup capital.

Our main role & duties:

We will collectively act as the board of directors, overseeing all the strategic parts of the business
and hiring a CEO/ Project Manager with a proven track record to execute our vision for us.
Just like a real corporation would.

Join us and let’s build something amazing together


A 1 time payment of $250, which will be used to develop a Minimum Viable Product.

We’re limiting it to ONLY 10 members.

That will be covered with the $250 fee members pay.

We’ll incorporate in the UK
Yes, so long as you can own shares in a UK legal entity.
We’ll register as a Limited Liablity Partnership. Or LLC.

Yes, we’ll also invest and acquire 10% ownership in the venture.
DaCoop only makes money if the companies we build become profitable.

The best way to reach us is via e-mail on info@dacoop.com

Our mission

Here at DaCoop we believe there’s strength in numbers. If we could pool our resources together great things could happen.

Our mission is to accelerate the growth of businesses around the world by connecting business owners with each other so they can bring their resources together, form partnerships and create the next FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google).

About us

DaCoop is a CO-OP platform designed to help you take your entrepreneurial ambition to the next level.

We work with digital marketers, affiliate marketers, dropshippers & digital product creators who want to work with likeminded people to grow their ventures into large, profitable companies. We link you up with 9 other online entrepreneurs and launch a joint venture partnership with $10,000 in start-up capital for building life changing products & services.